Christian Country Hits…


Honor the Lord and enjoy some great country music at the same time. We need to keep Him near everyday, because the evil one hunts us down constantly…



Gospel Music Mix…”6 Plus Hour Playlist”

Be encouraged, uplifted, and prayer-minded with this collection of gospel music gems!

God’s Words Of Love (Audio)

We need God, period! He knows that, period! That’s why we should study His word everyday and meditate on what He tells us. His promises of love and comfort are binding, for it is impossible for God to lie…(Hebrews 6:18).



Popular Gospel Songs…”While I’m Waiting”


If you’re like me, waiting on something is often difficult. We live in an instant world, built on a foundation of instant gratification. Things must happen or get resolved, and it has to happen NOW! This is especially true when we are in “crisis mode.”

But time is a different concept to the Lord. With Him, a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like a day. (2 Peter 3:8). In this context, the Lord is talking about the time it takes for people to come to Him and His grace. He is patient with us, longsuffering, but not wishing for anyone to perish.

We need to learn this virtue of patience and apply it to the things in our lives. God is with us, watching out for us. That never changes. We must hold on to that thought as we hold on during a difficult challenge in life. He has plans which must be fulfilled and if that involves some discomfort or trial with us, we must let it be. God’s will is first, and it all works for our benefit if we truly love Him…


Soft Gospel Music…”Counting On Your Name”


If we can let go of what the world says, and take hold of what the Lord says, we will improve our lives by so much. Are you up to trying it?


Top Gospel Praise Music…”Friend Of Mine”


Sit back and let the music surround you, set all your cares free and relax…God has ‘your back!’


Audio Bible Verses…”General Encouragement”


When we are burdened down with financial woes, or temptations of every kind, we can find encouragement and wisdom in scripture and prayer…